SMDC Green Residences - AMENITIES

All of our amenities are located on the 8th floor except our Sky Lounge.

Study Halls

Exclusively for the residents of Green Residences, several other amenities are offered for you to make the most of study and play. Study rooms are available for students to work on projects together, or just get out of your condo and enjoy being with others in the same boat. Bounce ideas off each other and gain a different perspective on your homework assignment. With Wi-Fi available in the study hall, finishing that research paper should be a breeze.

Game Rooms

Tired of studying? We don’t blame you. Studying is hard work and everyone needs a little down time. At Green Residences, we have game rooms to unwind it and shoot a game of pool, or play a board game with a friend. More into video games? Challenge your next-door neighbor to a HALO battle, with the loser buying pizza.

Function Rooms

Want to have a party? Function rooms are available for end-of-class celebrations, birthday parties or just informal get-togethers. Need something for school? These rooms can even be used for school receptions or presentations.


If you prefer to work off your stress, we have a state-of-the-art gym at your disposal. Free weights and exercise machines are provided to make sure your body is a fit as your mind. There is plenty of room for yoga or Pilates with friends. Working out lifts your mood, clears your mind and makes you feel good. There are even studies that link exercise to increased brain function.

Swimming Pools

For those who’d rather dive into clear, cool water for their exercise, Green Residences offer lap pools to work out the daily hassles. Sometimes, just enjoying a seemingly endless expanse of blue water muffling the noise of the day as you do laps is all it takes bring everything back into perspective. Of course, if you would just like to unwind with out the exertion, swimming pools and wading pools are at your disposal. There is even a kid’s area for the little ones to splash and giggle in.

The Sky Lounge

Sometimes just enjoying a beautiful view is all it takes to create piece of mind. Located on the top floor of Green Residences is the Sky Lounge. Enjoy a drink with friends, watch the sunset or the lights of the city blink on and take a well-deserved break. Upscale living is about taking the time to put aside the pressures of the day and just enjoy being.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
  • Game Rooms
  • Study Hall
  • Multi-Purpose Open Areas
  • Savemore Supermarket
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shop
  • Equipped with 12 High-Speed Elevators (With Preset Zoning)
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